Serco Solution For New Eatery Chain

Serco has developed a reputation of finding solutions to logistical problems customers encounter as well as always going the extra mile to ensure they stay ahead of competitors. By being up to speed with global trends and innovations, Serco continually gives its clients a competitive edge.

This was the case yet again recently when a newly-established eatery and take-away chain, Ko-lay Home of Chicken, was faced with the problem of getting products from its Central Kitchen in Durban to outlets in KwaZulu-Natal and the Free State efficiently and speedily.

Ko-lay first experimented by outsourcing its transport needs but soon found that was not the answer and discovered they needed to invest in their own delivery vehicle. But it couldn’t be just any old vehicle – it would have to be a top drawer truck able to transport fresh, frozen and dry goods with a guarantee that the cold chain would not be compromised in any way.

Head of Operations at Ko-Lay, Kreeshan Reddy, said the vehicle was already proving its worth, handling deliveries to all the company’s branches.

“Fully loaded, the vehicle can carry about 2 500 chickens,” said Reddy. We have developed a good business relationship with Serco over the years – the quality of the vehicles and the service we get from them is brilliant. We’ll definitely be looking to place more orders with them in the future.”

They turned to Serco, who they have a long-standing business relationship with, for the answer. Steve Davenport of the Durban office was called in and he quickly established that their key challenge was to manufacture a truck with multi-temperature compartments which would enable easy access to all zones when drop-offs were done at the various wide spread branches. Another requirement was to make special provision for bins Ko-lay uses to move its products.

Serco offered Ko-lay the solution – a three-compartment, multi-temperature refrigerated rigid truck body. The customer liked the concept and gave Serco the green light for production.

The following features ensured the vehicle met all expectations and coped adequately with the storage bin requirements:

* Moveable insulated partition bunds
* Load lock rails with shoring bars
* Side door access to the fresh and frozen goods compartments
* Double rear-door access to the dry goods compartment
* A scientifically calculated configuration in the truck capable of handling 125 storage bins with ease of access to all compartments

It was the answer to Ko-lay’s needs and the truck on a Hino five-tonner is now doing deliveries to branches in Durban and Van Reenen.