This Week’s Specials !

Our Signature Meals

Kolay Original Breakfast
2 eggs, chicken strips, livers, grilled tomato and toasted roll.

Burger & Side
Juicy chicken burger with a regular side portion of your choice.

1/4 chicken, chips & a roll
1/4 chicken, chips & a roll

1/4 chicken, pap & chakalaka
It doesn’t come any tastier than this.

Grilled Livers or Giblets & Roll
Bursting with flavour, our giblets and livers are sure to get you coming back for more! Try me!

Grilled Chicken & Cheddar Salad
Our combination of fresh lettuce leaves, creamy cheddar cheese and strips of chicken delivers the perfect taste!

10 Spicy Crispy-Crunch Wings
Crispy, spicy and crunchy wings – satisfy your appetite with this tasty meal.

Veg Pita
Deliciously marinated flavoured veg pattie, cut into blocks and stuffed with lettuce, tomatoes and eggless mayo.

Spicy Strips & Rice
Brilliantly appetising, tangy and tantalising chicken strips with rice.

Our Full Menu

Breakfast Meals

Sunrise Breakfast      R35.00
1 egg, chicken strips, chips, grilled tomato and toasted roll.

Kolay Original Breakfast      R54.50
2 eggs, chicken strips, livers, grilled tomato and toasted roll.


Seasonal Salad     Reg: R23.50     Large: R32.00

Grilled Chicken & Cheddar Salad      R46.50

ADD Grated cheese, Pineapple, Egg, Feta, Olives or Halloumi Cheese.
Salads are served with Coriander salad cream.

Burgers, Pitas & Wraps

Chicken or Veg Burger      R40.50

Burger & Side      R51.50

Burger Meal      R61.50

Double Chicken /Veg Burger      R71.00

Double Burger & Side      R75.50

Chicken/Veg Wrap      R42.50

Chicken Wrap & Side      R56.50

Chicken /Veg Pita      R42.50

Chicken/Veg Pita & Side      R56.50

• ADD Extra Cheese, Pineapple, Egg or Halloumi Cheese.
• Basted in a choice of Smoked BBQ, Garlic & Lemon, Mild Piri, Hot Piri or Extra Hot Piri.

Meals for One

¼ Chicken Only       R40.50

¼ Chicken & Side      R51.50

¼ Chicken, Side and Roll      R52.50

¼ Chicken, Pap & Chakalaka      R53.00

¼ Chicken Meal (1 Side and 330ml Drink)      R62.50

1/2 Chicken       R72.00

1/2 Chicken & 1 Side      R83.00

1/2 Chicken & 2 Sides      R94.00

5 Spicy Crispy-Crunch Wings     R35.00

10 Spicy Crispy-Crunch Wings     R49.50

• ADD Extra Roll or Cool Drink.

More Meals For One

Spicy Strips & Rice       R42.50

Grilled Veg & Spicy Rice      R35.00

Grilled Strips ,Veg & Spicy Rice      R45.50

Grilled Livers or Giblets & Roll (Reg)      R35.00

Grilled Livers or Giblets & Roll (Large)      R45.50

• ADD Extra Roll, Cheese , Pineapple, Egg or Halloumi Cheese.

Meals to share

Full Chicken Only       R109.00

Full Chicken Meal     R130.00

Full chicken, large chips, & 4 rolls.

Smoked BBQ, Garlic & Lemon, Mild Piri, Hot Piri & Extra Hot Piri.

Side Orders & Kiddies’ Meals

Something on the Side

Reg: R24.50     Large: R32.00 

Spicy Rice
Reg: R24.50     Large: R32.00

Reg: R24.50     Large: R32.00

Morogo-style Spinach
Reg: R24.50     Large: R32.00

Grilled Roasted Veg
Reg: R24.50     Large: R32.00

Pap & Chakalaka
Reg: R24.50     Large: R32.00

Roll     R7.50

Garlic Roll     R11.00

Cheesy Garlic Roll     R14.00

Grilled Mielie     R11.00

Kids Meals

Kiddies’ Burger     R39.50

Kiddies’ Strips      R39.50

•Kiddies’ meals come with Chips and a 350ml Juice.

Drinks & Desserts


Soft Serve Cone ( single )    R6.50

Soft Serve Cone ( classic )     R8.50

Dipped Cone ( choc or caramel )    R10.50

Dipped Soft Serve Cone + Flake ( choc or caramel )    R15.00

Cold Drinks

300ml Soft Drink    R15.00

Water ( Still or Sparkling )     R15.00

440ml Soft Drink    R18.50

500ml Fuze iced tea     R18.50

Fruit Juice     R18.50

Powerade     R18.50

Appletiser or Grapetiser     R18.50

2l Soft Drinks     R28.50

Hot Beverages

Americano/Filter Coffee    R15.00

Tea/Rooibos Tea     R15.00

Cappuccino    R19.50

Hot Chocolate or Milo     R19.50

Espresso     R14.00


Reg: R25.50     Large: R30.00

Double thick milkshakes
Reg: R27.50     Large: R31.50

Flavour Options:
Strawberry, Chocolate, Bubblegum, Lime, Banana & Vanilla.