The Ingredients for Our Success

Any recipe for success calls for a generous helping of working hard and working smart. We at  Ko-lay have the passion and determination to do what it takes and go the extra mile. We will never accept barely enough – it has to be the BEST of ourselves for YOU the customer.

Fresh Every Day
We plan strategically to ensure exactly the right amount of fresh produce is delivered to us from our suppliers every morning, to ensure our customers receive the highest quality totally fresh meals.

Just Chilling
We are totally committed to serving the very best in fresh chicken daily which means ensuring our cold chain is never broken. For this reason, our chickens are immediately transferred to temperature controlled cold rooms to await preparation.

Preparing for Success
An essential ingredient in delivering the healthiest meals is ensuring that all produce is prepared in a highly sanitised environment, using only the freshest ingredients. Our chickens are spatchcocked and marinated for 48 hours in carefully controlled hygienic conditions.

Our Secret Sauces
Ko-lay chickens’ tantalizing succulence lies in our famous secret sauces which are prepared by the highly experienced team. When you taste our Ko-lay chicken you’ll agree that you’ve come to the home of delectable chicken!

It’s an Inside Story
Designed especially for Ko-lay, our state-of-the-art refrigerated delivery truck is despatched daily, to ensure the total freshness which we stand by.


Job Well Done
Proud of the morning’s success, our dedicated staff at Central Kitchen take a break, before preparing for the next shift.

Perfect Function Venue

What’s in Store.

When you arrive at Ko-lay, you’ll be met by our cheerful, welcoming staff. Their primary goal is to ensure that your dining experience is as enjoyable as possible.

First Impressions
Our spacious stores have been designed to maximise the Ko-lay brand experience as exciting and fun for the whole family.

The Heat Is On
Zesty, spicy and grilled to perfection, we’ve got everything your appetite demands! All our meals are prepared hot and fresh, with portions large enough to satisfy a man-sized hunger!

Pass Through Area
Once your meal has been made to perfection, your order is then ready and checked, to ensure it is accurate.

Made to Order
Our waitrons are eager to get your orders and serve you. They will go the extra mile for you to ensure you get the greatest service during your Ko-lay experience!

Coffee & Hot Beverages
Our staff have been expertly trained by a professional Barista to prepare and serve you coffee that you’ll truly remember.

Call & Collect
If you’re too far from our store – no problem, at Ko-lay we have our efficient and dedicated Call & Collect service available whenever or wherever.